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I am a licensed psychologist and clinical neuropsychologist, certified rehabilitation counselor (CRC), accredited by the US Commission, with professional experience in Greece and US, specialized in helping people with disabilities, neurological disorders and mental health issues.

The areas of my private practice include:
1. Offer therapy sessions to individuals struggling with mental health disorders,
2. Facilitate support and psychoeducational groups for patients,
3. Provide neurocognitive rehabilitation and training to persons living with neurological diseases.

I have always been interested in the rehabilitation field with a focus on assisting individuals with difficulties overcome their cognitive, physical and mental health impediments, find new meaning in life, and navigate their way in the current society.
My experience in the field involves sessions with patients with mental health issues, cognitive rehabilitation of individuals who have sustained TBIs and strokes, patients with MS, brain tumors and iNHS and participation in the psychosocial rehabilitation of a self-help interactive group of patients with aphasia.

My goals for counseling with my clients are to provide a safe and accepting environment for individuals to share their struggles and go together through the transition process of recovery that will improve their health and well-being, accept their limitations and embrace the experience in order to lead a self-directed and satisfying life while striving to reach full potential. Quality of life is a subjective and unique concept for each individual and the outcome of therapy is to help individuals create new meaning in their life, reformation of self and acceptance of their identity.

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  • Master of Science in “Rehabilitation Counseling”, Hofstra University, School of Education and Human Services, New York, USA
  • Master of Science in “Clinical Neuropsychology-Cognitive Neuroscience”, National & Kapodistrian University of Athens, Faculty of Medicine in cooperation with Montreal Neurological Institute (MNI), Mc Gill University, Canada
  • BSc. in “Psychology”,Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences, Department of Psychology


  • June 2017: “Cognitive functions in MS and NMR Spectroscopy association in grey and white matter. Tzanetakos D., Andreadou E., Potagas C., Karavasilis E., Kirozis A., Anagnostouli M., Koutsis G., Evangelopoulou M., Zalonis I., Christidi F., Mantzavinou K., Katsari M., Toulas P., Argyropoulos G., Kelekis N., Kilidreas C., Evdokimidis I.
  • December 2022 : “Déclin cognitif associé au cancer”. Info Cancer, n°110 (p.10-13)


  • Member of the Hellenic Neuropsychological Society (HNPS)
  • Member of the International Association of Rehabilitation Professionals (IARP)
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