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2-2a Rue Joseph-Leydenbach,
L-1947 Luxembourg-Kirchberg


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Dr. Angelika Typolt
Paediatric and adolescent dentistry (holistic, interdisciplinary)

Main areas of practice: Specialist for highly sensitive patients, early childhood orthodontics, anxiety reduction, medical hypnosis, aroma medicine, prophylaxis, splenic dentistry, treatment with laughing gas and under general anaesthesia.

Treatments/treatment fields
- computer-controlled low-pain anaesthesia
- medical hypnosis
- general anaesthetic treatment
- Steel crowns and white ceramic crowns for children
- 6 year molar crowns e.g. for chalky teeth (MIH - Molar Incisive Hypomineralisation)
- Fixed gap retainers, children's dentures, removable gap retainers
- Habituation sessions
- prophylaxis
- Sealants
- Ankyloglossia - tongue tie separation baby and children
- Early childhood orthodontics
- Muppy
- Holistic myofunctional orthodontics
- Myobrace
- med. hypnosis, aroma medicine, acupuncture, colour therapy, homeopathy,
- kinesiology - material compatibility
- The Wall

- Anxiety reduction and habituation consultation
- Structural disorders such as "chalk teeth" - (MIH -Molar-Incisivo-Hypomineralisation)
- Trauma consultation - like anterior tooth accidents
- Bruxism (grinding, pressing), CMD, tension, pain, snoring, sleep apnea, thumb sucking

- myofunctional early childhood therapy Myobrace-R- Pregnancy prophylaxis
- Grouchy training
- anxiety patients and HSP
- experienced general anaesthesia
- Holistic treatment ( hypnosis, acupuncture, aroma medicine)
- Video consultation for e.g. cleaning training / tapping hypnosis, etc.
- Hypnosis consultation
- painless digital anaesthesia
- Anterior aesthetics, crowns, children's dentures
- "Chalk teeth" MIH (Molar- Incisivo-Hypomineralisation)
- Genetic structural anomalies such as amelogenesis imperfecta and dentogenesis imperfecta
- Genetic diseases such as trisomy 21, Downs syndrome, ectodermal dysplasia

- Specialist in paediatric and adolescent dentistry (APW) since 2003
- Expert and speaker for paediatric dentistry and behaviour management
- Coach and speaker, workshops and congresses in Germany and Europe since 2006 until today
- Practice coach in paediatric dental practices and orthodontic practices
- Consultant of the UOSSM, Paris France - Training of doctors and dentists in paediatric dentistry in Syria and France, Prof. Raphael Pitti, Paris, Metz
- Kindergarten and school dentist (2003 to 2023)

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Riconoscimenti e nomine

  • 2019 - 2023 Top Paediatric Dentist in Germany (Focus, Burda Media)
  • Focus Top Physician Award Specialists in Paediatric Dentistry Germany-wide 2019 - 2022 - 2022-2023
  • STERN Magazine: "Good Doctors for Me" - 2021-2022
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  • European Association of Pediatric Dentistry (EAPD)
  • American Association of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD)
  • German Society for Paediatric Dentistry (DGKiZ)
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