Anne Louise Littlejohn

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Anne Louise Littlejohn
14, Rue De L'église, 6186 Junglinster, Luxembourg


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  • Allemand
  • - Anglais
  • - Danois
  • - Français
  • - Luxembourgeois

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Are you in the driver's seat or the passenger's seat of your life? Are you in control of your life or passively watching from the sidelines?

You are unique and you have a special talent that this world needs. I help you find your abilities and grow as the beautiful human being you are. I help you become aware of the limiting beliefs holding you back, so you can break free and live the life YOU want to live.

In this new year, commit to yourself and start living on your terms.

Results of working with me:
- Know who you are, your values, your strengths, your uniqueness
- Self-love and better relationships both privately and at work
- A healthy body and healthy mind
- Control of your emotions
- Understand how to listen to your body

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  • Certified Professional CoActive Coach
  • Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
  • Meditation & Mindfulness teacher
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  • International Coaching Federation
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