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Psychology practice Mr Fotios Alexandridis
54 Op Der Sterz,
5823 Fentange


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I am a licensed psychologist working with individuals on their journey towards self-discovery, growth and healing. My mission is to help people expand their understanding of the workings of the mind so they can overcome daily problems and reach personal goals.

In my practice, I focus on providing a holistic approach that explores the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of each individual. As an advocate for self-care, I use coaching methods combined with psychological techniques to help you learn to identify dysfunctional patterns and how to approach them.

I specialize in stress management, anxieties, family issues, burnout, identity issues and dealing with phobias. I provide a safe space within which you can feel comfortable enough to explore yourself honestly and broaden the understanding of your consciousness.

I believe that everyone goes through different challenges, mental and/or emotional, at some point or another during their lives; it’s all part of being human. It is my goal as a psychologist to provide you with guidance and support as well as teach you the tools to explore your mind and enjoy life free of mental blocks or restrictions getting in your way.

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